20130121-IMG_8156Being healthy is one step closer to my happiness.  My focus for the year 2013 is “Juice for Health”.

My favorite links for Juice making:

30 days of Juicing … this is a good introduction recipes for a beginner like me.  It’s also good for people don’t like vegetable or even fruits.
Juice Recipes for your health … listing simple recipes categorized by purposes or Ingredients.  Each recipe includes Health Benefits, Health Conditions, and Detailed Nutrition.  I still need to add a touch of honey to it to make it easier to drink for some of recipes, but they are great.  This is Lemon Essence.  I already made it several times.  It’s a good protection from catching cold. And of course,  Yam, yam~!


  1. K

    私のグリーンジュースとの出会いのきっかけは、GREEN FOR LIFE という本です。




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